Probably you already know that we are very much concerned about pollution of the environment. It's time to talk about our sea. The Black Sea. According to various data there are more than one million dwellers in Odesa and every summer nearly three million tourists visit the city. And all of us like to have a rest at the beach.
4 mln people
at Odesa coast
90% of sea birds
have plastic
in their bodies
300,000 t approximate
quantity of waste
in Odesa in summer
We shall not tell once again about the current state of the Black Sea. We just want everybody to treat it a bit more carefully. That is why we developed an action #SeaofSorrow! Impact Hub Odessa jointly with E/G/Y creative agency launch online challenge #yellowbasketchallenge! With the help of this action we wish to turn attention to the quantity of waste in the sea and at the coast. Our mission is a conscious attitude to the space around.

All you need to do is:

  1. 1. Take a plastic waste (e.g., plastic water bottle);
  2. 2. Find a container for plastic waste in your area;
  3. 3. Throw creatively the bottle in the container opening;
  4. 4. Catch it on video;
  5. 5. Post the process in any social media with hash tags #seaofsorrow and #yellowbasketchallenge.

Changes start with us, doesn't it?